Cobaco Smart Home

Smart Home Equipment Manufacturer Since 2009

Some Smart Home Features

روشنایی هوشمندسازی ساختمان

Smart Lighting System

گرمایش و سرمایش خانه هوشمند

Smart Heating/Cooling

امنیتی خانه هوشمند

Smart Security

اپلیکیشن خانه هوشمند

Mobile Application

تاچ پنل هوشند

Smart Touch Panel & Door Phone

کنترل تردد هوشمند

Access Control System

سیستم صوتی هوشمند

Smart Audio System

نورپردازی هوشمند

RGB Lighting System

پرده برقی هوشمند

Smart Curtain & Shade

آبیاری هوشمند

Smart Irrigation

پریز هوشمند

Smart Electrical Outlet

شیر برقی آب و گاز

Smart Solenoid Valve

About Cobaco

Control Behin Afagh knowledge-based company, managed bydirectors with decades of experiences in construction industry, was established in 2009 aiming at the manufacture of automation systems

With God's blessing and the assistance of knowledgeable domestic experts, the company is now successfully manufacturing a full range of latest automation devices inside the country, and is progressing as fast as possible.

The companying is providing requests of the domestic construction industry with more cost-effective and economical options and domestic after-sales-service. Therefore, during the last years, we have been witnessing the application of Cobaco products in hundreds of housing projects.

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